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Thread: I'm hoping this will help

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    Default I'm hoping this will help

    Hey all, I read "Wheat Belly" a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop eating wheat and see if my arthritis would come back under control. A few days in I had read a bit more and decided that if I could stop eating wheat cold turkey (yum, turkey is yum!) that I could try to lose weight again, which would help with the joints and inflammation. I decided to use an Atkins approach, since I had used it in the past.

    So I'm on my first full week of Atkins (last week was half no wheat, and half Atkins). I'm really hoping that this will help bring my arthritis under control. I'd love to get off my meds for it, and to have less joint pain again. I'd love to hear from any of you who are living with RA and on Atkins! This thread has been quiet for a few years but I'm sure many of you are still lurking around.

    Here goes....
    Back on the wagon again, after gaining back all I lost last year + 3 more. Haven't lost more than 2 pounds on WW in six weeks, so Atkins it is!

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    Default Re: I'm hoping this will help

    I don't have RA but I do have arthritis in my knee and this WOE has helped reduce the pain. Don't know if it's from the loosing weight or from the actual foods no longer eaten, but either way it's good. Welcome to ADBB.


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