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Thread: Knee replacements!

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    Default Knee replacements!

    One nice thing is that now they have knee replacements designed for women. Women carry their weight differently and stress different parts of the knee. They used to just make a small guy version. But I have been seeing literature on the newer prostheses designed for a woman's body and way of moving. If anyone is having this done I would be curious as to what their doctors say about the new replacements.

    I thought it would be a good thing to add a thread on knee replacements since it looks like a lot of us are facing them sooner or later. I copied the post from Jill (China Doll) from another post.
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    Default Re: Knee replacements!

    I had a left partial and a right total knee replacements 4 years ago at the age of just 40! Then 7 months ago I had my partial removed and a total put in (having had 16 knee ops in 9 years). I didn't have a new design, it was a avon prostetic I think and they weigh a lot more than a normal knee joint approx 3-6lbs more each!
    But now I am used to them, they don't seem so heavy, I cannot squat or kneel at all and my bend is 120 and 125 degree bend not a full bend.
    If anyone wants to know about the surgery or after effects just get in touch.
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