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Thread: Induction - Peanut Butter

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    Default Induction - Peanut Butter

    I'm on the 10th day of induction and my craving for peanut butter gave in. I had 2 tbsp of peter pan crunchy. It had 3 net carbs. Did I screw up?? Should it have been the sugar free kind? I'm also excercising burning 30-40 carbs/day.

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    Default Re: Induction - Peanut Butter

    You may experience some cravings for awhile today, and possibly into tomorrow. Peanut butter is not permitted until the nuts rung of OWL, and then not Peter Pan, which has sugar. However, you'll be ok, I'm sure.
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    Default Re: Induction - Peanut Butter

    As Evermind said, you will probably experience cravings form the sugar you ate, but as long as you dont use the off-plan as an excuse for giving in and eating lots of other non-induction food you should be fine.
    It may skew your loss numbers at the end of the 14 days, but it is done and cant be changed
    Try to have lots of 'legal' snacks handy and eat them instead!!

    Not sure how to get most of your net carbs from vegetables on induction? Read our latest "Eat your Vegetables" challenge thread to learn how we did it!

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    Default Re: Induction - Peanut Butter

    I had a bit of a set back today too, accidentally. BUT! We can move forward and not let one less than ideal food choice ruin the entire days food intake, back onto the Atkins Wagon for both of us lose20! Lets both recover from our stumble


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