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Thread: How long did you think it will take to lose 60 lbs?

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    Default How long did you think it will take to lose 60 lbs?

    I want to in about 6 months but what do you think. I know atkins makes you lose faster.


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    Default Re: How long did you think it will take to lose 60 lbs?

    It takes as long as it takes. It took me 2 years to drop 81lbs. I dropped all but 15 of it the first year and it took me the entire next year to drop the last 15.

    It's going to depend on you. How closely you follow the program, how much you exercise, how much water you drink, how dedicated you are. It's also going to depend on your age, your health, any meds you're on, etc. - Truthfully, it's an impossible question to answer!

    However, 6 months from now you're going to be 6 months older whether you work the heck out of the program or not. No matter what, if you do work the program, you're going to be a heckuva lot closer to your goal than you are right now. Will you be able to call goal? Anyone's guess, but you'll be farther than you are now!

    Worry about the things you can control! Eat well, exercise regularly and vigorously, take your supplements, drink you water. The rest will come!


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    Default Re: How long did you think it will take to lose 60 lbs?

    On another diet board I visit from time to time the constantly used answer to questions like this is:

    YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

    You have already lost 17 pounds in ?? days, which is great but no real indication of how your body will carry on losing over the next 6 months.

    Now, a 10 pound per week loss might be possible and would be great, but what happens to you and your Atkineering if your body doesnt decide to keep to that 'schedule'?
    Would it make you get upset and give up if you lost 'only' 30 pounds in that time? If so I advise you dont set any weightloss/timescale goals except to say how much weight you hope to lose in total.

    Far more sensible to set goals that you can control by your habits - like:
    Eat to induction rules for XX days without eating off-plan
    Exercise for XX minutes x days a week
    Drink xx or more ounces of water a day

    These are goals you can achieve by your own efforts and are more likely to make you a big loser in my opinion.

    Not sure how to get most of your net carbs from vegetables on induction? Read our latest "Eat your Vegetables" challenge thread to learn how we did it!

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    Default Re: How long did you think it will take to lose 60 lbs?

    all true! i set out to lose a set number of pounds by my wedding date. i did it BUT.......there were WEEKS that is lost NOTHING!!! had i given up, i never would have reached my goal, by the wedding or any other time. lots of the pros here just told me to keep on doing what i was is all you can do. your BODY will do the rest. eat right, exercise, drink drink drink and it WILL happen. you did not gain it in a set amount of won't come off that way either..

    keep this in mind too...weight loss is NOT the only result of this WOL....all the other benefits that you will have are worth the effort...the scale is not the only result..listen to your body and enjoy the newfound energy and lifestyle changes that hopefully will be yours!!! good luck...set a will get there....

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