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Thread: Welcome to the 14-day Induction forum

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    Default Welcome to the 14-day Induction forum

    Welcome to all the new folks who have joined ADBB.

    Just a little reminder...
    In the Induction Forums, we follow the diet as written by Dr. Atkins in Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution, 2002 ed.

    If you haven't read the book, please read it. Or at the very least read the FAQ section of our Board. It is very important to do Atkins correctly---that is, how Dr. Atkins wrote the diet, not how your co-worker's best friend's high school girl friend's older sister's dentist's wife's second cousin twice removed's ex-boyfriend's brother-in-law's sister's manicurist did it ten years ago. There is ALOT of misinformation and outright lies about how to do the Atkins diet. And believe me, I've seen almost everything from eating only eggs and bacon to eating pork rinds with every meal to even drinking Slim-fasts twice a day.

    So please, do yourself and your health a favor and read the book so that you can do this diet properly and, most importantly, safely. Dr. Atkins was a medical doctor who treated thousands of obese and overweight people for more than 30 years. His books were based on his experience with his thousands of patients over those 30 + years.

    Also be aware, if you are doing "your version" of Atkins, please do not call it "Atkins". Atkins is a specific low carb diet with specific rules. Calling any old thing Atkins because you're eating 20 net carbs daily is like calling tennis baseball because you use an implement to hit a ball. Also be aware if you are doing your own thing and seeking advice here, the advice we give might not help you at all because we give advice based on what Dr. Atkins wrote. Again, it's like using tennis rules to umpire a baseball game: there might be overlap and there might not be.

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    Default Re: Welcome to the 14-day Induction forum

    Originally posted by not2late:

    For all newbies, it's really helpful to put your "stats" in your signature.

    Click the "profile" button at the top of the forum

    Here's an example of how to set up your "siggy"

    start weight/current weight/goal weight
    height, sex (if you want to join the gender specific forums you'll need this)
    start date

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