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Thread: 1972 Edition -- Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution

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    Default 1972 Edition -- Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new here.

    I understand this site is committed to the 2002 edition. Does that mean the book I bought (1972 first version) is inappropriate?

    It advises 0 carbs. I have been on it for 3 days and kept my carbs to 3.5 a day, which includes the 2 salads.

    However, I screwed up. I had purchased some Reddi-Whip for my gelatin but didn't realize it had sugar in it. I read the carb count (1 gram per 2 tablespoons), so I thought it was fine. Today, I binged and had 6 carbs of it, then read the label again and saw the sugar.

    Should I start over? I am reading here and on the atkins site that the recommended carbs is 20 and under, so I'm not sure if I've messed up my entire diet or not, since the whipped cream did have sugar in it, even though the carbs were low.

    Thx for any advice.


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    Hi Andrea,
    My book says to limit carbs to 20 or below and only eat from the list of allowable foods the first 14 days. I started Induction last week but messed up (unintentionally) several times so I've started over today and will check my food carefully before I eat it from now on.

    Good luck to you. We can do this!


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    It's best to get the 2002 edition of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution(DANDR for short) and toss the older book.
    Then start fresh and do a good clean Induction. :yes

    Read it, and also check out the other info areas on this board and at
    On the main page of this board there's a forum called FAQ's and it'll have a lot of information for's the link:

    There's also the FAQ's on the top header of any of the pages at this board and here's the link to that as well:
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    The 1972 Diet works, but the rules and some finer points of the diet are different from the 2002 version because Dr. Atkins learned more in the 30 years between diets. So, what you might read here, is different than what the 1972 book advises.

    If you do choose to follow the 1972 diet, then follow it to the letter. Combining the two diets might not yield results you want.

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