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Thread: Vegetable Soup Recipe?

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    Default Vegetable Soup Recipe?

    I have seen other places something about a Vegetable Soup reciepe that can go along with atkins. Is there a reciepe out there for this?
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    cauliflower or a cabbage
    any other allowed veg (not carrots)
    stock (bullion) cubes.

    Boil everything including the stalk from the cauliflower or cabbage until it starts to soften.
    Take out the stalk, some of the veggies and some of the liquid and liquidise.
    Add the liquidised mush back to the soup and re-boil until the ingredients are as soft as you like.
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    Most veggie soup recipes are fairly Atkins friendly.

    1. Start with a good chicken or beef stock. If you need to start with a pure vegetable stock because you don't want to eat any meat products, you can buy some pre-prepared or make your own by boiling carrots, celery, onions and a bit of tomato. Vegetable stock has more carbs than chicken stock. If you are on Induction you might not want to use carrots, but these really are the base of a good vegetable stock.

    2. Add cut up vegetables. Cubed turnips, parsnips and/or rutabagas that have already been cooked until tender in a separate pot of water are a good potato substitute. Discard this water as it may be bitter, and taste the turnips. If they are still slightly bitter, simmer them in milk or cream, then once again drain them and discard the cooking liquid. Parsnips and rutabagas are usually not bitter, but do benefit from separate cooking.

    3. Add other lower carb vegetables to taste. I steam cauliflower in the microwave and chop it finely. Adding tender cauliflower bits to your soup adds some very nice body and texture and the mouthfeel is very much like rice or pasta in the end product.

    4. If you're on OWL, you can add beans.

    5. Other good soup vegetable choices are celery, cabbage, summer or winter squash (winter squash is higher in carbs), chayote, fresh greens, tomato (watch the carbs), garlic and onions.

    6. If you want a thicker soup, puree some of the soup vegetables and mix them back in. You can also add cream or low carb soy milk if you want a creamy texture.

    8. You will not need to use salt if you are starting with a commercial chicken or beef broth, but try a pinch of sea salt if you are making your own stock. Herbs and fresh ground pepper are also very nice in a homemade soup.

    9. Cheese can be a very nice accompaniment to soup. Add it on top of the soup it at the last minute; you don't want to boil cheese. Alternatively make a basic roux with butter plus Atkins Bake Mix or another suitable flour substitute (WPI won't work and neither will nut flour) and melt in cheese and half and half. The resulting cheese sauce can be incorporated into the soup, but don't do more than briefly blend and simmer it.

    10. Don't forget the low carb cornbread to go along with the soup. Look in Low Carb Cooking Lessons for an excellent cornbread recipe using hazelnut flour and soy grits that you can't tell from the real thing.

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    Don't know about vegetable soup but I can tell you the soup we "made up" and ate last night was excellent! Took three cans of pure beef broth, sliced four green onions thinly and dumped in, sliced six baby portobello mushrooms and put in (left the gills on - didn't bother with cleaning them out - nasty job). Added a teaspoonful of Accent (msg), a tsp. of ground black pepper, 1/2 tsp. of thyme and brought to a boil. Refrigerated overnight and reheated the next day. I wouldn't give you a penny for that nasty, gray, gunky Campbell's mushroom soup but this was amazing!


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