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Thread: What are the physical signs of being in ketosis?

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    Default What are the physical signs of being in ketosis?

    Ketone breath, which imparts a sweetish smell, does not cause bad breath so much as a different breath odor. In any case, this condition is likely to last only as long as you are doing the Induction phase of Atkins. Try drinking more water, and remember this is a great sign you are changing your metabolism, burning fat and just your body letting you know!!!

    Lipolysis, the process during which your body primarily burns fat as fuel rather than glucose, causes ketosis, which in turn generates ketones, the by-products of fat breakdown. During ketosis, ketones are released in your breath and your urine.

    As long as you drink enough water, the bad breath caused by ketosis usually lasts only a few weeks.

    The Atkins Diet is a ketogenic diet and once your body's two-day supply of glycogen (stored glucose) is gone and your body starts to burn fat, the natural appetite suppressant side effect of lipolysis kicks!!! Believe it or not you may "forget" to eat a meal. But DO NOT do that. Never go six waking hours without eating.

    Increased Energy!!! Once you have hit ketosis, usually on the third or fourth day you may get a huge burst in energy!!!!! During the first days of Induction, you may also experience a slight light-headedness and that is a point to remind you to eat your veggies as per What foods can be eaten on Induction?, to eat enough food and to drink your water!

    Thirst. This WOE is a natural diuretic. And what a great thing. Obviously, drinking lots of water is essential (see It's Official: What counts as water)

    Different taste in your mouth. Some people call the taste sweet, others say it is "metallic". It is caused by your tongue tasting ketones in the saliva.

    Different odor of your urine and/or sweat.
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