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  1. lunch ... slow cooked lamb shank counting as 0 carbs

  2. Drinking plenty of water ...

    I like the whole foods version of pelagrino ... I think the fizz keeps me feeling full.
  3. Day 1 weigh in 279.7

  4. Arbonne Protein Shake ... 1 1/2 scoops = 10 grams

  5. Post Crossfit workout Vlog

  6. Initial Crossfit Atkins Video Log Entry

  7. OK ... so starting on the 2nd today ... 279 lbs @ weigh in.

    So weighed in at 279 lbs this is up from 243 when I started crossfit. However i htink at least 20 lbs if not more of this is from muscle gain. I am visually much more muscular than I was when I started crossfit and my 36 inch pants fit about the same ( although they have a little stretch to them ) I am saying I have about 10 lb of fat gain plus 20+ pounds of muscle gain. I never did legs or back when I used to work out ... was more about running and benching and shoulders .... Now I am ...