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  1. Carb total for the day

    So this is my carb total for the day:

    2 grams carbs for coffee
    8 grams carbs for shake
    0 grams for salmon
    9 grams carbs for 3 slices of pizza without the bread part ( just the cheese very light sauce )
    5 grams of carbs 1/2 avacado small
    0 grams of carbs 10 oz ribeye steak
    24 grams ... ok slightly over. However today was my wifes birthday so no cake or whatever.
    Tags: carb count
  2. Here was the assault bike from today ... this is way harder than it looks ...

    I couldnt do any muscle ups ( you can see the people doing them in the background ) so I was subbed assault bike

    Its for every 2 minutes do 20 calories for 5x ... total of 100 calories in 10 minutes. Very taxing.
  3. Coffee and Arbonne Shake + summary of todays carbs so far.

    Pot of coffee for breakfast
    Shake and coffee after workout.
    Salmon with mayo and a bit of siracha for lunch
    I think i am having a rib eye steak for dinner
    Lets say I am at 10 - 12 carbs so far
  4. My Crossfit workout today