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  1. what I ate today

    Steak 1/2 ribeye about 10 oz
    Kipper Snacks

    BTW Kipper Snacks are awesome!!! Really anything from King Oscar rocks ... if you see the brand in your store try it. I was in Norway a while back and they live on this stuff. Its big for breakfast as well as lunch.

    Their sardines are awesome as well.

    Anyway I calculate about 8 carbs today. ...
  2. I know this will piss off many women but ...

    OK so as I have noted in one of my videos I have been weighing myself. Last night before I went to bed I weighted 270.0. My starting weight I think was 279.5 so I am currently down 9.5 lbs in 3 days.

    So I know many women get pissed off about this because it is easier for men to lose weight, which I partially agree with. My theories why this is true: 1) Men tend to weigh more so unless a woman is 279 lbs ... it is probably unrealistic for her to lose 3% 2) Maybe men because ...