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  1. Interesting Day 6

    so I went to my cousins last night, had kept the carbs under 20 all day, had a small dinner before i left and a couple of pieces of cheese when I was at her house. I also had some vodka. I've never had a problem with alcohol aside from slowing down weight loss in the years Ive followed this woe.

    I woke up this morning, and could barely get out of bed. I was shaking very badly, was kind of dizzy and just generally felt horrible. It wasn't a hangover feeling, it was completely ...
  2. Day 5

    Skipped a couple of days blogging, but I've made it through to day 5!

    Exercise has been good, ran 2miles on Tues and Thurs, 1.5 hours of very heavy snow shovelling Wed. Today my calves were screaming to so i took a rest day.

    Eating has been on track, though I did have a bit of peanut butter yesterday. Not a trigger food for me,b ut a problem food with portion sizes. I think my definition of a tbsn and real tbsn are very different.

    Hopefully i can get ...
  3. Day 2

    well day 1 down no problem, and half way through day 2!

    didn't exercise yesterday but did eat on plan.

    today got in 15 mins of pilates, and a 30 minute run. I was only plannin on running 20 mins and was surprised at being able to do 30. It's been about 3 weeks since i've run at all.

    Hopefully wont be too sore tomorrow.
  4. 2009 Resolutions

    didn't do very well with my eating over the holidays, so i'm starting back at a clean induction for at least a week to get back on track. then i'll fast track adding back in my maintenance foods, though i will do it one food at a time.
    So my commitments to myself:

    -clean up my eating

    -back to my regular exercise routine.

    -drink water! i've been bad at this one lately.

    I'm going to try to alternate between running and stationary bike ...
  5. Summer update

    I haven't been here much as we've been up north at our cottage most of the summer, and i don't logon much from thought i'd post an update while i'm home. Heading backup up there for 2 weeks again next week.

    I've managed to hold steady at 135 which includes my 5lb loss. I haven't been great with my running schedule as we've had alot of company up north, and it's done nothing but rain this summer! I'm hoping to get back on track next week.

    Since i haven't ...
  6. Just some thoughts on %'s

    So something interesting keeps happening...regularily after I run (30-40 mins) I get a really really strong ammonia smell in my nose. I've researched it on the net, ad have found that it's the biproduct of protein metabolism, in the kidneys... which has me sort of baffled. my current %'s are around 30% protein, 50% fat and 20% carbs...which has been my maintenance %'s for some time. This issue has recently just started..and I'm not sure why.

    If my body has run out of carbs for fuel ...
  7. need to get back on track...

    I've decided to make this blog my main journal....

    I've been keeping up with my running, though this past weekend the 100+ weather made that really difficult to say the least!

    Eating wise i haven't been great, so i need to work on that.

    I think my weight is holding steady, I will weigh again this wednesday.

    Bought a small fan yesterday and have the a/c on today so hopefully i'll be able to get in a good run.

    Was paged ...
  8. Jen's Blog

    Testing out the blog feature...

    i'm bad enough at remembering to post to my journal..lets see if i can remember to blog