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  1. Day 19- Extended Induction- So Far So Good

    Well, as the title of this blog reveals I am now on day 19 of induction. I chose to stay in this phase for an additional week just to give me body a chance to realize what is going on; I mean, this way of eating is a shock to it. I also have about 95 more pounds to lose before I reach my desired goal of 140 lbs. I'm growing a little tired of the food choices but I'm making a diligent effort to be very creative with my recipes; that really seems to help with the boredom. The strangest thing to me ...
  2. *~Fabulous high-stepping to fabulousity~*

    DAY I
    185 lbs.

    I did good today. I'm elated that I'm back on this woe. I ate until my heart was content, I'm pleased. But, I was extra careful of what I ate and refered to my DANDR at the table, just to make sure I was doing everything right, (cross checking). BTW, I drank plenty of water and exercised.

    Fat: 67%
    Carbs: 1%
    Protein: 32%

    Updated April 6th, 2009 at 11:12 AM by Fabulou$

  3. I am an Atkins Evangelist.

    They can see me coming with my brochures and Chicken salad. Hallelujah!!! I have been saved!!! You can too. Join me. How many pounds have you got to lose? Let me take those pounds away!! (cue obnoxious and wildly clapping gospel choir)

    Ok yes I'm a bit of an enthusiast and I'm telling everyone I know about Atkins and how awesome it is. I even got a membership at Costco to stock up on chicken and salmon at a low cost. I'm a believer!!!

    It's funny how I get at the beginning ...
  4. invented soup

    which was something I was craving.

    Chicken and Turnip soup

    Campbell's Chicken Broth, 3 cup
    Turnips, 2 medium
    Spinach, fresh, .5 package (10 oz)
    Chicken Thigh, 7 thigh, bone and skin removed
    Onions, raw, 1 medium (2-1/2" dia)

    8 Servings

    Amount Per Serving

    Calories 104.7

    Total Fat 3.2 g

    Total Carbohydrate 4.5 g ...
  5. I lied

    I got back on the scale, but it was okay, down another pound. I might be 'metabolically resistant' as I really haven't cheated beyond the occasional coffee or chai. Stayed in ketosis every day since the 21st. But I have no problem staying on induction for a while if need be.

    Made my 1.5 mile walk today. Still can't find a route without serious inclines, but I figure I can just shorten the distance until I can handle more. I was too sore for too many days after that 3 miler... ...
  6. Cleaning machine

    my house seems to be the biggest beneficiary of my Atkins!

    It is getting much cleaner. Cleaned desk and bedroom today! Going to go quilt in a while.

    I have only actually lost the first 3 pounds but I am not discouraged. I am still in ketosis and feeling good, and my shorts are looser. I am going to quit weighing for a while, and start watching the salt. I have eaten a few of my delicious buffalo wings each day and now that they are gone.. I will not make any more. ...
  7. Day 10 induction

    I'm excited about the weight loss so far starting weight of 163 and today on the scale 155 WOW, I haven't seen that number in a while. I am a little worried that this will all stall as so many of my ther dieting experiences have. I have had some induction "flu" symptoms but they seem to be lessening. Grilling has been a godsend and the fact my DH (weight loss 9 lbs) and Daughter (weight loss 7 lbs) are on board with this. I was pretty good at exercising before this but have found during ...
  8. 7.24.08

  9. Kicking off

    I started this diet 2 days ago am down 4 pounds. My life isn't exactly stellar. My life is also very good, but right now, I'm going through another rough patch. I ask myself, maybe you're asking too, why do I diet during a rough patch in life. Well, I'll tell you, it's because I weigh everyday. I know. I know. You can stop right there with the e-mails. I already know you shouldn't weigh every day. However, if I don't weigh everyday, I'm not accountable. I can handle no weight loss or even ...
  10. So, I'm doing this Atkins "thing"...

    Well, this is my first blog entry ever, anywhere, so I hope that you'll all bear with me as I learn. I decided to start a blog on this particular subject because after a lot of research and reading about the Atkins WOE I'm convinced that this is THE WOE planning I've always been looking for but never would have dreamed that it existed within the Atkins diet. I used to be quite critical of anyone who ever mentioned that their weight loss was due to the Atkins Diet; I listened to all of the lies ...