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  1. Wicked Workout!

    So, on Atkins this time around I am officially a non smoker, and now that I am into Induction a ways, this workout I did last night kicked butt! I see all this poeple working out so much I wonder how they do it, now I can be one of them!!! For the first time I feel like I am getting really into shape!
  2. This weight gets me tired...

    Wow...sitting around 200 lbs sure drains the energy outta me. Like a vicious cycle, but I wil work out tonight! No excuses. I organized my closet yesteday, on a rainy cold sunday, and came across all my small cute clothes....ugh, summer is here and I am wearing tents for clothes. Funny, I am normally optimistic to lose the weight...having an off day I guess.
  3. Exercise

    Push-ups 270/220
    Abs: 1080/1000
    Squats 800/800
    Mileage 116/100
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    Push-ups 232/180
    Abs: 835/750
    Squats 675/700
    Running kilometers 105/50
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    October Challenges
    Push-ups 503/500
    Abs: 1802/1600
    Squats 1316/1200
    Running kilometers 100/100
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    Push-ups 503/480 ...

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  4. oops

    Clicked post too soon before I saw additional options... had to come back to check them out.
  5. MLN2603's Blog

    Just checking this out... really cool!!

  6. Blog on by Creek

    This is exciting. I've never had a blog of my very own. I'll have to give some thought now to what I'll be blogging about. Perhaps I'll philosophize about world peace.

    I'm gonna try the spell checker! ... That was awesome! Thanks!

    I'm looking forward to when I have something to say!
  7. Liv it is! My Atkins journey

    First blog entry: About me

    I started Atkins in November 07.
    Went very well lost over 30 pounds.
    I went on a trip at the end of April 08 and ate off plan.
    So now I am back on induction getting into it again.
    I have been re-inducting one week.
    Stats when I began on May 15th:
    I am 157 cm (5'2")
    I weigh 63.2 kg (139 lb)

    I am declaring goal at my 2 year anniversary on ADBB.
    I started at 165 pounds and I am 125

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  8. HI.......just playing.

    Just playing and testing out blogs. So, are blogs like journals?
    Is there a Blog 101 course somewhere we can take? Cause if anyone can mess it up......will be me!

    ok, now I will post and see where this goes.
  9. blog blog blog

    I just had to see how this works Having never written a blog, or read many, I think this is pretty funky! When my brain is functioning, I'll come up with something to do with this feature!!
  10. Jen's Blog

    Testing out the blog feature...

    i'm bad enough at remembering to post to my journal..lets see if i can remember to blog