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  1. Is there a set point?

    The book on running I was just reading "Running until you're hundred" has a chapter called "Why does your body want to hold on to fat"
    The answer that the author (Jeff Galloway) gives is that we have a "set point" - the body get set on a particular point of body fat and is biologically engineered to hold on to that point. If we try to go under the body slows down its metabolism to prevent us. If we get thin the body sends all kind of hunger signals to make ...

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  2. Low Carb in Scandinavia

    So there is a wave in Scandinavia of low carb eaters
    The eat according to a plan called HighFatLowCarb HFLC
    And this weekend on of the major Norwegian Newspapers had this front page:
    It says losing weight with butter
    and underneath and sour cream (which in Norway has a very high fat content) and cream are selling well
    It is so much fun to follow this. There is so much discussion in the media there.
    Might have been how it was ...

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  3. Reading "In Defense of Food"

    I was reading Michael Pollan's book tonight. Long time since I have read a book on nutrition that made this much of an impact on me.

    In short he kind of argues that scientists have made science out of foods and that this has really been prominent the last 30 years or so. We have started to think about foods as nutrients - smaller bits that can be manipulated somehow rather than FOOD

    I really liked the whole viewpoint. There may be too much science involved and too little ...
  4. My Nemisis: Coffee

    I guess my blog is about irrationality. My irrationality. I am
    addicted to coffee. It just makes me feel so good. I hang onto that cup
    of coffee every day like it is keeping me alive and sane. In some ways
    it is.

    But when it comes to body size, weight and long term well being coffee is my enemy #1.

    Coffee makes me hungry. I know it. I have known it from that 2nd week
    on Atkins when I cut down coffee ...

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  5. To run or not to run

    ... that is the question. Hamlet was sooo wrong. LOL

    My daughter is writing exams this week (high school) and I feel nervous. Not sure what is up with that. It has very little to do with me. She works hard and does fine so why am I worrying?

    I should run. That would take my mind off things.
    Sometimes when I am trotting along though my mind works too hard and I find myself walking. I seem to be able to think better when I walk. Not a bad thing

  6. Exercises

    April Challenges 2010
    Abs: 1900/1900
    Squats: 1300/1200
    Lunges: 800/800
    Strength: 1240/1200
    Running: 125/120 km

    May Challenges 2010
    Push-ups: 900/800
    Abs: 1800/1900
    Squats: 1200/1200
    Lunges: 1000/1000
    Running: 116/100 km
    June Challenges
    Push-ups: 810/900
    Abs: 1400/1900
    Squats: 900/1200
    Lunges: 570/600
    Strength: 930/1000
    Running: 114/115 ...

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  7. Exercise

    Push-ups 270/220
    Abs: 1080/1000
    Squats 800/800
    Mileage 116/100
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    Push-ups 232/180
    Abs: 835/750
    Squats 675/700
    Running kilometers 105/50
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    October Challenges
    Push-ups 503/500
    Abs: 1802/1600
    Squats 1316/1200
    Running kilometers 100/100
    Water challenge: 64 oz a day

    Push-ups 503/480 ...

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  8. Liv it is! My Atkins journey

    First blog entry: About me

    I started Atkins in November 07.
    Went very well lost over 30 pounds.
    I went on a trip at the end of April 08 and ate off plan.
    So now I am back on induction getting into it again.
    I have been re-inducting one week.
    Stats when I began on May 15th:
    I am 157 cm (5'2")
    I weigh 63.2 kg (139 lb)

    I am declaring goal at my 2 year anniversary on ADBB.
    I started at 165 pounds and I am 125

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