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  1. Bait and Switch Economics

    Well here is another frustrated blog entry.

    I remember in the past people used to make an honest living. People used to buy quality things and make quality things with those. They would sell these quality items at a fair price and make a fair profit.

    Those were the days of the simple economics. Supply and Demand would determine the pricing.

    Now-a-days I seem to think that everyone is out to rip you off. In fact I think this is so extreme that this ...
  2. Negative energy

    Wow ... today I must have really woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

    From basically 5 minutes after I woke up until now ... I have been spreading bad kharma or bad feelings or negative energy whereever I go.

    Trying to shake out of it.

    Ever get like that.
  3. $22 hamburger

    OK OK OK .... I know ... I am an idiot for paying $22 for a hamburger .... but I was curious.

    My wife was away on business and I went to a restaurant that I knew nothing about. When I got in I realized that it was expensive.

    I sat at the bar and looked at the menu and asked if they had a hamburger or some bar food. They said yes they have a kobe beef hamburger for $22. Split second decision I said OK I will take it. Asked for it Medium rare as I figured the ...
  4. Doctors

    Ug went to the doctors today for a routine visit. I realize that doctors are really kind of a rip off.

    I take lipitor. All I really needed was a refill, but my doctor left the practice and they needed to see me before they can renew my prescription.

    I went there and the receptionist was rude, the nurse was rude I waited 20 minutes in the room for the doctor. He comes in and tells me that they lost my records from the last time I was there.

    He looked ...
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