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  1. bidget999's Avatar
    I think you are on to something!
  2. rosaline's Avatar
    Very interesting Liv, thanks ! It's enlightening !
  3. Prairie Chick's Avatar
    that's cool. does he ever refer to atkins anywhere, because it sure seems perfecty alligned.
  4. Prairie Chick's Avatar
    I love that book! totally got me started on the whole foods WOE.
  5. liv's Avatar
    I hope your one day coffee free worked for you. I like that approach.

    So here is my thing... I don't want to give up coffee. I enjoy it a lot. Like with everything in my life that made me obese I am working on finding a compromise. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Ha ha

    At the moment I have convinced myself that I can regulate it. So that is what I am trying. I have to admit though that I have been trying to regulate it for probably 3 years already but have not make tremendous progress. Coffee to me is harder to control than sugar or nuts or any of the other things I love for kicks.
    I am hopeful that being super aware can help me. So far so good.
  6. 35isMYyear!'s Avatar
    I started drinking caffeine again while on our trip - and now I am literally "jonesing" for it. When I crash, i want that boost of energy back - so it's either more caffiene (hence the addiction), or a want to give my self carb energy (because a drop in energy signals a need for food/sugar in my body). So today, I had zilch for caffiene - my head hurts, I'm craving sugars again. But I'm doing the whole "rip it off like a band-aid" thing, and hoping for the best. i wish you luck with your day at a time, one coffee cup at a time!
  7. liv's Avatar
    Thanks Joyce. Weird isn't it that we are so weird? ha ha
    I think for me it is pretty black and white issue: Drink coffee be fat, reduce coffee maintain weight.
    I am working on it. I have been pretty good this week since starting super measuring and watching everything.
    I should be able to cut it down some.
    I have been drinking buck-loads of coffee since I was 14 though - my dependency probably have multi-layers to it.
    One step at a time.
  8. joquinn's Avatar
    I understand. Boot camp proved to me that I can live on one cup of coffee - and my skin got clearer and my water consumption went up....a reasonable person would stop drinking it. But here I am, three weeks later, back to three cups a day.
  9. liv's Avatar
    Don't know Annie. She is not telling me that much. My daughter is not the best at exams either, she freezes and panics sometimes. We have had some talks about perspective. It is OK if you are stumped by one question - just move on etc but I don't think she is very good at that.
    I agree with the successful part but I think most of all I just want her to feel good about herself and not put so much pressure and get stressed out because she did not do super good on every thing.

    I did go running. And did not walk until the end of it. So it was very good. I try to make sure I think about the rhythm too. I try working on some mantras (things that I learned in yoga) so that the mind does not wander toooo much and I actually get my runs in.
    I try mantras like left, right, or breath, breath or something.
  10. AnnieLynn's Avatar
    How are your daughter's exams going? I get nervous when my son writes exams--they are not his strong suit. He does well in class work and then freezes up in exams--as though the material is suddenly all new. Whether they are A students, or average students, we just want the best for them. We want them to feel successful.

    Your post got me thinking about my own running time and I think I do the same thing. I think less when I run than I do when I walk. When I run I tend to think about the rhythm of my breathing, I tend to be more in the moment. When I walk I do think alot more.
  11. bidget999's Avatar
    I guess mom is having some anxiety for her little girl competely normal you love her!!Take a long walk and enjoy the little things you find on your way.
  12. liv's Avatar
    Well thanks for saying that. I am a bit chubby though. I am about hitting my goal weight here so I'll post an after soon
  13. ErickSanders's Avatar
    You look so nice! ha, and you're cute
  14. liv's Avatar
    Yup that is me. At least that was me. I am kind of planning the "after" picture too.
  15. keriann_forgoodthistime's Avatar
    hey there! clicked on your i finally know what you look like!
  16. jennashaped's Avatar
    Wow, you've got quite a workout plan! That's really an inspiration, as are many other stories on this board, and just by reading things like this, it keeps me inspired!