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  1. Clothes getting looser!

    Tomorrow marks 3 weeks ago that I began this journey once again. In the beginning I was weighing daily, but with the way my weight fluctuates I have decided to only weigh in on Fridays. I have taken my measurements beginning on day 8 although I have not posted them here. Measurement day is on Saturdays.

    Although the scale has not moved one iota this week all of my clothes are getting much looser...When I started this wol I was wearing anywhere from a size 16w to a size 18 jeans, ...
  2. Tired of "you've got a beautiful face BUT......"

    Well here I am again back on the bandwagon to lose weight....BF of 5 1/2 yrs just dumped me for the LAST time! I'm too old for this nonsense...if he can't love me for who I am, over weight or not, I don't need him...So to heck with him...I'm gonna lose this weight for myself and no one else and just show him that I can in fact do it without his sarcasm to "motivate" me....

    Updated January 13th, 2011 at 07:56 AM by noblenellie

  3. 1-15-09 Measurements

    Rt Thigh 21.5 -2.5 since 1-3-09
    Lt Thigh 21 -4
    Hips 46.5 -2.5
    Bust 42.5 -1.5
    Rt Calf 15.5 -.50
    Lt Calf 14.5 -1.5
    Lt Arm 13 +.50
    Rt Arm 13 0
    Waist 40 -3.0

    Total inches lost since 1-3-09: 15

    Updated January 18th, 2009 at 12:07 PM by noblenellie (corrected measurements)

  4. 8 1/2 inches Gone in 6 Day!!!!

    Stats for 1-9-08

    Weight 174.8 (-4.6)
    Rt Thigh 23 (-1)
    Lt Thigh 23.5 (-1.5)
    Hips 47 (-2)
    Bust 42.5 (-1.5)
    Rt Calf 15 (-1)
    Lt Calf 15 (-1)
    Lt Arm 12.5 (-.5)
    Rt Arm 12.5
    Waist 43 (0)

    Total 4.6 pounds and 8 1/2 inches gone!!
  5. Hanging in there

    Yesterday when I weighed I was down 4.6 pounds!!! YIIPPPIIIIEEE!!!! Then I weighed this morning and the scale was up 1 pound, for a total of 3.6 pounds weight loss on the first week of being on induction...That is still a great weight loss and I'm not discouraged...I am having an easy time drinking all of the water, but still cannot motivate myself on the exercising...I'll have my son bring the ab lounger and the exercise bike back into the house from the barn tonite and maybe with both of them ...
  6. My Measurements 1-3-09

    After looking at pictures of myself taken on Christmas Day, this was just another motivator to help me loose weight. When I was doing Atkins in 2003 I never took my measurements, but decided to do so this time. So here they are:

    Weight 179.4
    Rt Thigh 24"
    Lt Thigh 25"
    Hips 49"
    Bust 44"
    Rt Calf 16"
    Lt Calf 16"
    Rt Arm 12.5"
    Lt Arm 13"
    Waist 43"

    Current clothing sizes: ...