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  1. Doin Induction again

    240 -
    Yesterday was good, lunch was a dried out cornish game hen at the hospital, and two spears of broccoli
    Dinner consisted of Lindas Beef enchilada recipe and an avocado.
    and for snack I had some pork rinds
    Didn't get my 8 glasses of water in, but did get more than usual.

    Today 240
    Breakfast New York Cheesecake Egg Nog
    Dentist Appointment
    Lunch - left over enchilada
    Dinner - Steak and artichokes.
  2. Wednesday

    Hit the pool this morning and OMG I felt every muscle. BUT I made it and that's what is important. Tomorrow is a volunteer day so I'll be going to the hospital right after Sumo. They don't have the evening water arobics any longer so I am going to check out the pool at the Y
  3. Cheat Free Day 1

    While it wasn't a great day, I drank my water and did fine. Tomorrow we head to the pool

    Breakfast Left over roast beef
    Lunch: At hospital hamburger patty, lettuce and tomato, onion and a pickle with mayo and mustard
    Dinner: Left over roast beef. Looks like that will be leftover for a long time.

    Exercise in am after Sumo match.
  4. Mondays child is fair of face.

    Company has finally left and life will be back to normal tomorrow. Made a delicious smelling bacon and swiss quiche for tomorrows breakfast. Also boiled up some hard boiled eggs for emergencies.
    Goal for the day - Cheat free
    Drink a huge glass of water. ( I hate water always have, always will but I am determined to work up to 8 glasses a day
  5. Friday

    Well, my biospy didn't go well. It didn't go at all and now I can't get another one until the 21st.
    I hate this wait...
    Watch this spot. Monday I start induction again and Wednesday I go to the pool.
  6. Talking to myself

    How to lose weight on Atkins
    How to lose weight on Atkins

    (After years of on and off dieting, of watching the scale creep up and down, of lots of trial and error and being on boards like this one to learn tips and hints from the biggest losers and the chronic yo-yo-er, I think I finally figured it out.)

    Atkins plan is pretty simple really; the first two weeks you only eat foods on the acceptable list in ...