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    Kagi youre so daymm funny
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    "...pulled back the flimsy tinfoil protective layer - which proved to be inadequate against my deft kung-fu skills."
    Its the new and improved Kagi! Now available with Kung-Fu Grip! Not available in stores, call now! Operators are standing by!

    I can also just SEE the eye roll accompanied by the young ward right around 'Geesh... Don't be stupid.'

    Nice creative post

    "OOooo...Shiny...." Was it an adamantium pringle can? Because THAT would have been AWESOME. (if not a teeny bit pricey)
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    Quote Originally Posted by toddmartin
    That's so awesome, Kagi! Congratulations!
    Thanks, man!
  4. toddmartin's Avatar
    That's so awesome, Kagi! Congratulations!
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    That's a good mind set to have Kagi and doing P90 is only going to make it better. I think p90 is one of my favorites and I actually stuck with it the longest out of all the videos I've purchased. Here's to seeing you pass 300.
  6. toddmartin's Avatar
    Great job, Kagi!
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    Hey GREAT job by sticking with it through the plateau. It most definitely IS mind over matter and you are pretty strong so it seems. I've always lived my life wanting 'instant gratification' with everything I do, so I'm still working on my own mind by telling myself all of the other health benefits have to be a factor as well. I did get gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and was told by the doctor that once you have gestational then you are 66% more likely to develop type 2 in the future. At the rate I was going, it was bound to happen. I do enjoy the increased energy as well, though for some reason today I am exhausted, (day 3 - I sort of started over, lol). Could be outside factors though. Anyway, don't fall off the wagon this time. You can do it.
  8. ceemarie's Avatar
    Sounds like you have a refreshed attitude that will help you be successful with in reaching your goals. Go for it!! Life is short! Just take it one day at a time, one pound at a time.