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I am exausted....

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by , April 11th, 2012 at 12:39 PM (3178 Views)
I had a big debate at the grocery store today....cookies, cupcakes or a whole cake. What to do? I went with cookies and a part of me was so sad not to have a whole cake to eat as much as I wanted. I feel sick after eating garbage all day. I lost 30 lbs on atkins last year. I felt great, I got tons of compliments and I got all new clothes. It came back it was a test to see how many carbs I could add back. Now I am heavier than ever, NONE of my clothes fit me and I am so unhappy.. Why do we do this to ourselves??? I could have stopped it at anytime. It was like I was sitting back and watching someone else do this to me.

New Goals:
1)Work out!! I have equipment sitting in my basement and I should be using it.
2)Write down my food. Every bite.
3)Drink 8 glasses of water.
4)Eat the damn meat...even if it feels like it going to kill me. I felt so much better on meat than on sugar.
5)Set a great example for my kids. They are following me into all my bad habits.

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  1. chinadoll's Avatar
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    Hi grace, sorry you had to fall but now you can pick yourself back up. But DO read the book. Atkins is NOT about meat, it is more about fat and veggies. The correct veggies. And how to add things back into your diet properly.
  2. graceflower's Avatar
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    Thanks, I know. I just have so much trouble covering up the taste of meat. I'll work through it.


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