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Menu 07/08/11

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by , July 7th, 2011 at 10:39 PM (1534 Views)
(36.8g, as revised)

Magic Number: 16

Breakfast (6.5g)
16 oz Coffee with 1T heavy cream, 1/4t cocoa powder & 2 Splenda (2.6g)
1/2 Serving Spinach Lasagna (2.7g)
2 Extra-large eggs (1.2g)
1T Butter (0.0g)

1.0oz Mozzarella (1.0g)
24 Minutes on the treadmill

Lunch (10.3g)
3 oz Spinach (1.2g)
2.0 oz Tomato (1.5g)
2.0 oz Red cabbage (1.0g)
3.5 oz Cucumber (3.2g)
1.2 oz Nitrate-free salami (0.1g)
1.2 oz Feta cheese (1.3g)
2.0T Girard's Greek Feta Vinaigrette Dressing (2.0g)

Dinner Out (14.0g)
2 Glasses Chardonnay (6.0g)
1 Big-@ss Filet Mignon (0.3g allowance for spices)
1c Steamed green beans (4.1g)
1c Steamed broccoli (3.6g)
1T Butter (0.0g)

Late-Night Nosh (5.0g)
1oz Mozzarella (1.0g)
1oz Pistachios (4.0g)

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