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So, I'm doing this Atkins "thing"...

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Well, this is my first blog entry ever, anywhere, so I hope that you'll all bear with me as I learn. I decided to start a blog on this particular subject because after a lot of research and reading about the Atkins WOE I'm convinced that this is THE WOE planning I've always been looking for but never would have dreamed that it existed within the Atkins diet. I used to be quite critical of anyone who ever mentioned that their weight loss was due to the Atkins Diet; I listened to all of the lies that the mainstream media propogated upon me about this plan. However, since I threw out my television and no longer look to the "experts" for advice I am feeling quite confident about Atkins.

I actually began Induction 11 days ago and expect for days 2-5 I've felt pretty good. I did suffer with the induction flu some but being on this side of it I would say that it was worth it, every bit of it.

Why Atkins? Well, my mom suffers from heart arrythmias and has been havnig more frequent espisodes in which her heart goes out of rythm; thereby, making her very tired and sick feeling. I contacted a Chriopractor friend who lives in Florida and asked him if he had any suggsestions for natrual ways to treat heart arrythmias. He sent me a newsletter he had compiled a few months back and among a lot of other things he recommended trying the Atkins approach for weight loss. What??? I was stunned! Atkins? Really? Isn't that a dangerous way to eat? Well, as a way to encourage my mom to lose weight for the sake of her heart I decided that anything would be worth trying, even if it was Atkins. Mind you, I need to lose weight too, not just my mom. So, 11 days ago we started our journey and it's been great so far. I've lost 10 lbs and 6 inches in those 11 day; but more importantly I feel great. I have way more energy and a lot more confidence.

My life consists of homeschooling 2 teenagers, caring for 4 dogs ( I have 2 Boxers, 1 Boxador and 1 Shepherd/Husky mix), gardening, canning, raising chickens, trying to be a good wife to my husband and most importantly trying to live as a biblical Christian.

I truly look forward to meeting new folks on the board; I hope to be an encouragement to someone someday, just as others have already been an encourgaement to me on here. I love the stories, the ones about struggles and the ones about success, all them are truly inspiring. It makse me think that I might be able to actually do this Atkins "thing".

Until next time.....

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  1. jodylee's Avatar
    Stories like yours make me excited because of the weight you lost already!
  2. DLS's Avatar
    Hi Happy,
    I to am a homeschooler and care for the whole crew around here pets included ( 1 dog, 2 cats, fish, 3 lizards, 3 frogs, 1 toad, 1 tarantula, and a baby squirrel we are nursing to release soon.)
    I'm glad you started the Induction. You are having great results! I am on day 7. I too have lost about 10 lbs but only one inch :-( But I figure that too will come.
    Good luck and stick to it for yourself and your mom!

    God Bless,


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