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Day 10 induction

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I'm excited about the weight loss so far starting weight of 163 and today on the scale 155 WOW, I haven't seen that number in a while. I am a little worried that this will all stall as so many of my ther dieting experiences have. I have had some induction "flu" symptoms but they seem to be lessening. Grilling has been a godsend and the fact my DH (weight loss 9 lbs) and Daughter (weight loss 7 lbs) are on board with this. I was pretty good at exercising before this but have found during induction this week my energy is a little down. I'm going to try to drink a little more water and see if that helps. I really don't feel hungry between meals and am not snacking in the evening which was a problem for me before. I'm off to the YMCA to work out, then the store for supplies, then on to the lakeshore where we have a weekender boat to enjoy the sunshine and grilling. What I miss the most so occassional glass of red wine with dinner...which is a surprize because I have such a sweet tooth...I'm not really craving sweets.

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