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I am an Atkins Evangelist.

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They can see me coming with my brochures and Chicken salad. Hallelujah!!! I have been saved!!! You can too. Join me. How many pounds have you got to lose? Let me take those pounds away!! (cue obnoxious and wildly clapping gospel choir)

Ok yes I'm a bit of an enthusiast and I'm telling everyone I know about Atkins and how awesome it is. I even got a membership at Costco to stock up on chicken and salmon at a low cost. I'm a believer!!!

It's funny how I get at the beginning of a diet. I commit to it as much as any religious fanatic who thinks that their way is the ONLY way to salvation. Stay with Atkins and you shall be free. I have to remind myself that losing weight will not ultimately make me happy. I have to keep perspective on what I'm doing. But it makes me sooo dang giddy to lose weight. I can see how it can be sort of addictive.

You get just as bad about what you shouldn't eat... Thou shalt not eat bread... Bread is evil... it is the devil incarnate do not partake of it's baked and luscious aroma... get thee out of the bakery!

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  1. momtomany1's Avatar
    It does become like a religion, you are quite right, I have the exact same reaction. I will say though, I don't actively proselytize, but if anyone really wants to know how to do it, I will help them see the true light!


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