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Getting back on track

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I am back on my plan today with my specialist full support. He in fact, said, when I asked him about Atkins for treating prediabetes , Dr Atkins figured it out He said it is a plan that will absolutely take care of the problem but most people have trouble staying on it and basicily told me if I cannot stay on it to limit my carbs to one small serving a meal, one slice of bread, a half cup of beans, and so on. After doing that for a few days I figured out it is not that much more so might as well take it all the way and go back on my Atkins plan.
I am very glad to be back on plan after spending a few weeks being completely off plan and making very bad choices.
I go back in three months for another AIC test and a very detailed cholesterol test and another thyroid test and we will see where I stand .Three months on Atkins and I can accomplish a lot !!!
I am very determined to see what I can do in a short twelve weeks.
I just wanted to check in and make the commitment !!!

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  1. liv's Avatar
    Glad you did check in
    And I am happy to hear that you are back. Good luck.
    Three months can do a lot for sure.
  2. sallystella's Avatar


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