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My Nemisis: Coffee

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I guess my blog is about irrationality. My irrationality. I am
addicted to coffee. It just makes me feel so good. I hang onto that cup
of coffee every day like it is keeping me alive and sane. In some ways
it is.

But when it comes to body size, weight and long term well being coffee is my enemy #1.

Coffee makes me hungry. I know it. I have known it from that 2nd week
on Atkins when I cut down coffee drinking and I could feel the
difference in control.

I have felt this every time I have done boot camp and have cut down
coffee to fulfill the requirements. I just started an experiment this
week again cutting down coffee and yes a remarkable drop in calories
happens. Coffee makes me eat and snack.

There are a couple of reasons why this may happen. One may just be habit. Coffee goes together with a treat like chocolate or cookies so I am wired to crave some carbs as soon as that coffee taste hits my mouth. This may be part of it.

I also think coffee may impact my blood sugar and stimulate an insulin response that causes hunger to happen. Because I definitely feel the hunger. I need to research this bit more. But there are studies on type 2 diabetes people that indicate that this is the case.

A study from the university of Guelph showed that coffee impacted blood sugars quite significantly. One of the statements from the scientists working on this study said

"Caffeine interferes with our body's response to insulin," said the human health and nutritional science professor. "It makes us resistant to insulin which in turn makes our blood-sugar levels go higher."
So what can I do to help myself here? Right now I am really trying to just record every tad of food that enters my mouth and correlate that with my coffee intake. This helps me see my own patterns and as they lay in front of me in black and white I am hoping that this will encourage me to be better about coffee.

The bottom line is - and this has been hard for me to admit - I cannot really maintain weight and drink large amount of coffee at the same time.

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Updated June 24th, 2011 at 09:17 AM by liv



  1. joquinn's Avatar
    I understand. Boot camp proved to me that I can live on one cup of coffee - and my skin got clearer and my water consumption went up....a reasonable person would stop drinking it. But here I am, three weeks later, back to three cups a day.
  2. liv's Avatar
    Thanks Joyce. Weird isn't it that we are so weird? ha ha
    I think for me it is pretty black and white issue: Drink coffee be fat, reduce coffee maintain weight.
    I am working on it. I have been pretty good this week since starting super measuring and watching everything.
    I should be able to cut it down some.
    I have been drinking buck-loads of coffee since I was 14 though - my dependency probably have multi-layers to it.
    One step at a time.
  3. 35isMYyear!'s Avatar
    I started drinking caffeine again while on our trip - and now I am literally "jonesing" for it. When I crash, i want that boost of energy back - so it's either more caffiene (hence the addiction), or a want to give my self carb energy (because a drop in energy signals a need for food/sugar in my body). So today, I had zilch for caffiene - my head hurts, I'm craving sugars again. But I'm doing the whole "rip it off like a band-aid" thing, and hoping for the best. i wish you luck with your day at a time, one coffee cup at a time!
  4. liv's Avatar
    I hope your one day coffee free worked for you. I like that approach.

    So here is my thing... I don't want to give up coffee. I enjoy it a lot. Like with everything in my life that made me obese I am working on finding a compromise. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Ha ha

    At the moment I have convinced myself that I can regulate it. So that is what I am trying. I have to admit though that I have been trying to regulate it for probably 3 years already but have not make tremendous progress. Coffee to me is harder to control than sugar or nuts or any of the other things I love for kicks.
    I am hopeful that being super aware can help me. So far so good.


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