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Low Carb in Scandinavia

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So there is a wave in Scandinavia of low carb eaters
The eat according to a plan called HighFatLowCarb HFLC
And this weekend on of the major Norwegian Newspapers had this front page:
It says losing weight with butter
and underneath and sour cream (which in Norway has a very high fat content) and cream are selling well
It is so much fun to follow this. There is so much discussion in the media there.
Might have been how it was here around 2004 or so but I was not part of it then so I did not really follow it.

The wave was stated by a few Swedish doctors
One of them is Andreas Eenfeldt - he just published a book called Matrevolution or in English "The Food Revolution" (but it has not been translated yet)
He is pretty cool

Here are his diet advice in English

They also have a magazine her eis the front pagedsc02326.jpg

Here is a recent newspaper article from Norway - they are running out of butter and creambilde-kopia1.jpg

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  1. Prairie Chick's Avatar
    that's cool. does he ever refer to atkins anywhere, because it sure seems perfecty alligned.


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