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Blood Sugar vs Carbohydrate (Round Eight - One High Carb Meal)

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On one of Jimmy Moores' recent podcasts, it was suggested that eating one high carb meal a week would help to reset insulin levels and the thyroid in long term Atkins followers.
As I'm now in maintenence, I though it might be a way of increasing my average weekly carb intake without causing daily cravings. The intention is to keep all other days at under 25 grams of carbs.

So last night (Monday 23rd), around 6.00pm I ate: A baked potato with butter and a patty made from 20% fat beef mince. (144 grams of carbs that meal, a total of 155 grams for the day)

Breaking out the glucometer gave the following results (these are UK measurements, US are in brackets):

Before Food: 4.3 (77)
1 hour after: 8.2 (149)
2 hour after: 5.2 (94)
3 hour after: 5.1 (92)
4 hour after: 3.3 (59)

Following morning fasting level: 4.3 (77)

So far today (Tuesday 24th) I have not felt hungry and have eaten at my normal time of 12.00 mid-day. Bacon, eggs and mushrooms in butter. Yum!

As I've signed up for the no weigh fortnight, I'll have to wait until next Monday to see what's happened to my weight.

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  1. Delta Whiskey's Avatar
    Thursday 26th 2013 07:40pm

    I'm happy to report that I suffered no after effects from that one high carb meal on Monday evening.

    As of now my daily average carbs are 39 grams, average calories are 2149 and my ratio is 59% Fat, 30% Protein and 11% Carbs.
    Hopefully, the calories and ratios should get back to my usual levels (1800 calories, 65% Fat, 30% Protein, 5% Carbs) over the next three days.

    We shall see what happened to my weight on Monday 30th.
    Updated September 26th, 2013 at 12:52 PM by Delta Whiskey (Wrong ratios, duh!)
  2. Delta Whiskey's Avatar
    Weighed in this morning, 2lbs down. My numbers for the week ended up as: Carbs 47 grams, Calories 2314, Fat 64%, Protein 28%, Carbs 8%.
    What is strange, the previous week I put on 4lbs with very similar numbers: Carbs 49 grams, Calories 2433, Fat 68%, Protein 24%, Carbs 8%.

    The body is a wonderful thing, it does exactly as it wants, not what you want it to do.
  3. charmingphoenix's Avatar
    wow, isnt it though...?


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