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For the next 30 days or so, I plan on daily spewing forth my thoughts and concepts on my eating. It may be relevant to others or not... whom the heck knows.

Hunger is an alien concept to me. I normally don't experience that feeling in my normal daily routine. I'm very adept at preventing that particular incident. Yes, I call it an incident, an abomination to be avoided at all costs. I'm ashamed to admit how much energy I've spent planning every conceivable detail of my food intake. Me calculating the process of a moon landing would be less complicated than my decades of worrying about food. When, what, how much, where am I going to eat was always at the forefront of thinking. This thought process is encouraged by the corporate food industry with very skillful and enticing advertising. Not that they are to blame, I do manage to resist most other types of advertising. The overall theme of most food ads is: try this and you will be satisfied and happy. Sadly that is not my usual experience, as when I eat because it's that time, I'm bored, or it's expected I find food to be of no consequence. Over and done with quickly, only remorse and dirty dishes as a result. I notice if I wait until I feel the light pangs of hunger, the food does fulfill my needs to a greater degree. I need to welcome hunger back into my life as a regular friend. I find just like happiness, it hard to appreciate the good feelings without taking the time to work through the things that trouble you in life. For fifty some years I've never went a day without eating, why should I eat every meal like that may happen?

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