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figured it out, finally !!

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After over ten years here, on and off low carb dozens of times. I finally figured out what works for me !! I started again on March 16 at 251.5 and lost for a while and then stalled for nine days and could not get it to budge. I was not eating any cheats, I was eating measured protein, as I had read too much protein when you are glucose intolerant can act the same as sugar or carbs. I finally read some more and found out I was still eating twice the protein a day I should, I got on fit day and started figuring out each days food for the day ahead of time making sure all my percentages were correct and the scale moved like crazy. Now I only have a day or two stall and will lose a pound a day for a few days after. I finally have a perfectly normal blood sugar in the 70s and my bloos pressure has gone down after a diagnoisis or prehypertension to a good low number, even in the mornings it is well below what it was even when I was young and slim. 117/68 is my norm now.
I am so beyond thrilled. For the first time, no low carb sweets, I did the first few weeks and then after Easter, no more. I rarely have a diet soda, only when we are out on occasion. I drink close to a gallon of water every day and take a lot of vitamins am and pm.
I am so happy to see the scale getting closer and closer to the 20s and I cannot wait. It is hard because when you have to lose this much, it does not show in the mirror that much for a long time. I am okay with it. My hubby is doing this with me and we are in it for life. This is not a diet for us, but a life style. Wheat makes us both sick and we have to avoid it and I do not ever want to go through the health scares of high blood sugar or high blood pressure. I am tired of living under this weight and look forward to feeling free from this prison of half my life. I have been over 200 since I was early 30s and I will be 55 this year. In my late forties my body flirted with weights as high as 260 but seemed to settle on low fifties which was still very bad. I am very excited and happy to have figured it out finally. I waited to come back to this board until day 37 to show to myself I meant it. I came here so many times, declared myself on the plan and was gone in two weeks. This is big for me and I am so happy to be able to share and hope one person can find the same hope from this that I did. It is a wonderful feeling !!

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  1. victcy's Avatar
    Really thrilled for you - such an encouragement for us who have been around when you have gone works! It works! Excited to see how your journey to goal works out. Good on you!
  2. kagnew's Avatar
    How much protein are you eating per day.....maybe that is my problem too. I generally have mid 40's to mid 60's grams of protein per day. HELP!
  3. booklady's Avatar
    Thanks for the kind words Victcy, It really feels good to be losing like crazy. I am very excited and relieved !!
    Kagnew, I am keeping it to 60 grams a day. Which has been on average, 3 eggs, 3 pieces of thick bacon in the morning , and then a piece of chicken , or salmon that is 24 grams, with a small bowl of cole slaw lately as my veggie for dinner. Just cabbage, mayo, the kind I get is at Walmart, called Mayo, and has no eggs, so adds no protein, a dash of organic apple cider vinegar, dash of heavy cream, and a spoon of dijon mustard, makes enough for a few days. I used a ton of butter when cooking and eating all my food. Fat, fat , fat. I use fitday to figure it out, 80 pecent fat, 15 percent protein, 5 percent or less carbs. I lost another pound last night, so it really is working .
    Your protein should be fine, is there something else you are eating that could be the culpret ? Are you eating enough fat , that , I learned is very important as well. I eat two meals a day, at ten am and six pm and pretty much fast all the rest of the 24 hours. I have been having around 10 pumpkin seeds in the afternoon. But that is all the food I eat all day.
    I get up at five thirty am, but do not eat breakfast until ten am, and eat dinner by six, so I keep my eating within eight hours, and fast the rest of my day. Except for the pumpkin seeds, but from six fifteen or six thirty,when I finish dinner, until ten am the next morning, NO FOOD AT ALL.
    I keep my carb consumption very low, just the small bowl of cole slaw and no other veggies. I am very sensitive to veggies and learned the best to eat if you are having trouble are cabbage, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, zuchinni , and celery. So, those are the only ones I will eat now, and the cole slaw is the best one for adding more fat into my diet, so that is my choice for now. I will be eating my bowl of cole slaw every night. I keep it very boring and predictable, but it is working, so I am fine with it.
    You just have to keep tweaking it until you find what works for you. I have found my sweet spot and I am not changing a thing for as long as it works !!
  4. kagnew's Avatar
    Dear Booklady,
    Thank you so much for your response. According to what you wrote, I don't think I'm eating enough fat. The other problem that I have is I developed HYPERTHRYOIDISM, about 2 years ago, big time, which set me into A-fib which developed into a pulmonary embolism which blew out the lower portion of my right lung and now I'm on home oxygen, so even through I have a long leash on the oxygen, I can't exercise as much as I would like and lately I've been doing the treadmill for a total of 150 minutes per week. I just recently got back on my limited exercise. I also had to undergo the radiation treatment for the thyroid, too much danger of going into a thyroid storm, so now I'm HYPOTHRYOID but have been on synthroid for about 18 months, and my levels are still bouncing around, but within normal levels....however, still go down to the low end of normal range, which makes me ouchy. But thank you for all your good info, I shall definitely tweaking things. Have a great day and God Bless. Kagnew
    P. S. Congratulations on your great weight loss.
    Updated May 7th, 2015 at 09:55 AM by kagnew (Wanted to add a P. S.)
  5. Patrick's Avatar
    Good to hear. I'm an on again, off again low carber too. Just re-starting (for real) myself. You are very inspirational.
  6. penny60's Avatar
    You have provided us on this site with some very good information. Today, I am re-starting again and that info was very helpful. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your blogs.


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