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Guess who's back!

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I seem to appear once every couple of years, although low-carb still seems to be a dominant part of my life.

I can't believe it's been over 10 years since I first gave Atkins a go and got down to 134 lbs. I wish I still had that willpower sometimes, it seemed so easy back then.

Last summer I lost 25 lbs, got pregnant (with twins!) via IVF, and I was happy.

Then I lost my little babies and I've just tumbled off the wagon. But, amazingly I haven't gained all my weight back! I was so ill during pregnancy that I developed a structured way of eating (rather than eating anything and everything all day long) and it helped me to lose a little more weight.

This week I found out that IVF #2 can be scheduled for March, so it gave me the push I needed to commit. It's been almost a week, I'm down another 6 lbs and my cravings have finally gone - once you pass those first couple of days it's great.

Approximately 6 weeks to go to IVF - last time I lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks, so I'm hoping for something similar this time (or even more since I have a lot more weight to lose this time!)

I've missed you all, this place is just amazing support

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  1. jimmie 48's Avatar
    welcome back, steph


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