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Weight gained doing crossfit

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So since doing crossfit I have gained a total of 30 lbs. Now while I think much of it was muscle, I also think at least 10 lbs of that was fat. I am not sure of the ratio but my pants are a tab bit tighter. 20 lbs seems like a lot of muscle to gain, however I was never doing back or leg exercises and they are big muscle groups so I am thinking that I went from no leg muscle to fairly strong leg and back muscles ... that could be 20 lbs I definitely look more fit now than i did when I started.

I back squat 300# Bench 300# can do 30 unbroken pushups etc...

However I would like to cut weight again. I was thinking of restarting induction on May 1st and recording all my meals and workouts and posting publicly here and say on youtube. This should help me stay on focus. Thoughts?

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