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Todays crossfit and food

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Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers that are reading this.

So today was a light workout, a sort of a rest day even though I did heavy squats.

I did 7 sets of 2 at 75% of my max weight. But for each squat I took 5 seconds going down then rocketing back up. Thats all I did. My shoulder is still hurting a bit and I have a bit of tennis elbow on the same arm so staying away from some exercises. Squats are obviously OK.

As for food, JUst had coffee with milk this AM and then for late lunch I had

Lamb 10oz
Portabello Mushroom stuffed with spinach and cheese
7 brussel sprouts
1 cheeseburger no bun.
whats that like 6 grams of carbs?

Doing great! The trainer at the gym says he can see that I lost weight it shows in my face. Down about 13-14 lbs so far.

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