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Doin Induction again

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240 -
Yesterday was good, lunch was a dried out cornish game hen at the hospital, and two spears of broccoli
Dinner consisted of Lindas Beef enchilada recipe and an avocado.
and for snack I had some pork rinds
Didn't get my 8 glasses of water in, but did get more than usual.

Today 240
Breakfast New York Cheesecake Egg Nog
Dentist Appointment
Lunch - left over enchilada
Dinner - Steak and artichokes.
Snack - Hummmmm. nothing sounds good right now.

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  1. MDelli's Avatar
    I wouldn't eat cheese cake for breakfast...stick to more basic foods during the 2-4 week induction,...eggs do bore me, but I have eggwhites, asparagus and turkey is good and a change fom 'regular eggs'


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