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Liv it is! My Atkins journey

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First blog entry: About me

I started Atkins in November 07.
Went very well lost over 30 pounds.
I went on a trip at the end of April 08 and ate off plan.
So now I am back on induction getting into it again.
I have been re-inducting one week.
Stats when I began on May 15th:
I am 157 cm (5'2")
I weigh 63.2 kg (139 lb)

I am declaring goal at my 2 year anniversary on ADBB.
I started at 165 pounds and I am 125

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Updated November 21st, 2009 at 12:36 PM by liv



  1. keriann_forgoodthistime's Avatar
    hey there! clicked on your i finally know what you look like!
  2. liv's Avatar
    Yup that is me. At least that was me. I am kind of planning the "after" picture too.
  3. ErickSanders's Avatar
    You look so nice! ha, and you're cute
  4. liv's Avatar
    Well thanks for saying that. I am a bit chubby though. I am about hitting my goal weight here so I'll post an after soon


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