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    Knowing 3 packets of splenda is the rule for induction.How many after you've completed this part?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bidget999 View Post
    Knowing 3 packets of splenda is the rule for induction.How many after you've completed this part?
    Years ago, Elleth (a former moderator) and I went through the book to see if the sweetener allowance changes after Induction. It doesn't. 3 servings is the daily allowance for the entire Diet.

    In one of his other books (I think it's Dr. Atkins Health Revolution), Dr. Atkins wrote that his goal was for his Dieters to remove added sugars from their diets. And he allowed them to use artificial sweeteners to transition them off that. But the ultimate goal was to even eliminate artificial sweeteners from the diet too.

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    My guess is that he felt we need to transition from the overt sweet taste cravings. Sweeteners feed the habit of ingesting sweet tasting food and drink on a regular basis. They should be a treat not a regular diet staple. Our eating habits ie; what we reach for without thinking, will determine how our long term daily caloric and carb intake. That average is our destiny, sweet always takes that average higher over the long term. Just my opinion for a long term successful weight management plan.
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    I am sure that Dr A was convinced it was best to kill that sweet tooth.. but for me.. if I knew I couldn't find ways to have sweets I probably would never have started! A really good treat now and then that is legal, keeps me motivated! I have diabetes, so I cannot just go crazy eating sweets! I use liquid splenda.. I love this way to control my disease and my life!

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    I certainly understand what you are saying ittybitty

    I have found that the sweet taste, which I like, has become more pronounced in real foods now.
    I do not have to eat loads of sugar anymore to taste sweet. More foods now taste naturally sweet without any sweetener added.

    It may be that overdoing sugar and other sweeteners makes a person need more and more to get the fix but if one limits them even healthy foods can give you a lot of pleasure.

    Anyways give it some time and it may happen to you too.
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