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Thread: Menstruation and Ketosis

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    Default Menstruation and Ketosis


    My name is Sannie, and I've been doing an extended version of induction for ten days now (though I began lowering my carbs on the 28th) and have been doing very well. My body seems to be very resistant going into ketosis, so I modified this stage to allow me only 1,000 calories* and 20 carbs total per day, which sent me into ketosis almost straight away. Since doing so, I've lost 12 pounds in these ten days.

    The trouble is, and I apologize to squeamish persons who don't like to discuss such personal matters, as soon as my body began its ovulation cycle a few days ago, I stopped losing weight and my ketosis has come to almost a complete halt, dropping from moderate to trace (or some days, none) literally almost over night. I had been at 163 but now have been stuck at 165 for days, and with my ketosis only in trace, despite being very, very mindful of what and how much I eat, I feel that this will greatly impede my weight loss goals.

    Is this a problem that happens to other women who are in ketosis? And if it is, I'd like to know how long after menstruation my ketosis should go back to normal or if I'll have to do something else to jumpstart my body.

    Thank you very much to anyone who replies for your help.

    **I limit myself to only 1,000 calories daily because even though the lack of carbohydrates forces your body to consume calories for energy, even with the carbs severely limited if you continue to consume more calories than you burn on a daily basis there will still be calories set aside for fuel or fat later. By limiting my intake for both calories and carbs, my body is forced to burn the calories stored in my body for fuel once it's gone through what I've eaten. It's been working very well for me, but I don't suggest this for everyone; I've done many, many experiments and know my body well enough to know what will and won't work and for how long.**

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    Default Re: Menstruation and Ketosis

    If done properly the Atkins Diet allows us to have a couple hundred more calories than our AMRs---that's one of the perks of the Diet. It's what Dr. Atkins called the "metabolic advantage" of his diet.

    The ketostix are worthless during your period because the blood interferes with it, even if you use a tampon, there is still some leakage and that is enough to alter the ketostix results.

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