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Thread: Clothing sizes and weight loss

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    Default Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Hi gang,
    I have lost 113 pounds since 4-07, and now I need some help I am curious what the average weight loss per size change is? I have about 70 pounds to go to get to goal, and I figure I have about 6-7 sizes to drop. Right now I am at a loose 22. Trying to budget money for clothing and I am noticing that now every pound makes a difference somewhere on my body. It is changing daily, unlike in the beginning when I had lost 50 pounds and NOONE noticed.


    BTW I am 5'11.5" if that make a differance

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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Amy your gonna get the classis "It's so different for everyone" answer here and it's so true ....... I can share with you how my size changed but I am guessing it's gonna vary greatly per indiviual and especially when you figure heights and body types in there but here goes mine:

    I am 5' 4" and started out weighing 231 and wearing a size 22
    When I reached 215 ish I moved into 20's and some tighter 18's
    When I reached 195 ish I moved into solid 18's and a few tight 16's
    Now at 185 I am in 16's exculsively and a few are getting loose
    My predictions are 14's by 170's 12's by 150's???? but thats just a guess.

    HTH a little


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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Thanks. 185 is my goal weight, but I was thinking every 15 ish pound would be close to a size. I bought 22's yesterday since my 24's were falling off of me, and they are almost to big. My hubby said this morning " You are hiking up your new pant, you just bought them yesterday" Yes dear I just bought them. I can get my 18's on a buttoned, but not breath very well inthem


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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    When I was heavier (250 pounds in a size 24) it took 30 pounds to go down a size. Once I got under 200 pounds I was going down a size every 10-15 pounds.
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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    again, my height is way less than yours but at 245 I was in a 22/24. At 190 I was in a really tight 14. Today at 161 I can wear some 8's but mostly 10's & 12's It really depends on who makes the clothes. I bought a pair of american eagles that I can barely button in a size 8 when I have 2 other pairs of jeans in the same size that fit great. There's just no universal answer. You may lose most of your weight up top at first and still wear the same britches. What matters is you've lost a whole person! GREAT JOB!!!

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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    What she said......

    I'm pretty short so I tend to loose a size every 10 pounds.. But it slows the closer I get to goal.

    I just bought some 10's because I needed some new jeans. I also bought a size 8 that I figured would fit in a month or so. But at the time I bought them they were too tight to zip. A few days ago I grabbed jeans out of the closet and put them on. They were a little snug and I wondered how I'd managed to gain some weight because the day the before I'd been good and my 10's had fit. It wasn't till that night when I took them off that I realized I'd worn the 8's all day..
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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Hi, Amy! I've been trying to remember how much I weighed for certain sizes. I am 5'10" and 268 when I started in January 2006. I had just moved up into size 22. In fact, the jeans in my before picture are my size 22's. I dropped pretty quickly through size 20 and 18 and then I moved into size 16 at about 237 lbs. Started squeezing myself into 14's about 210 lbs. I comfortably wore size 14 and TIGHT size 12 down to about 190 lbs. Firmly in size 12 at 190 ish. I'm 177 lbs now and can wear most size 10 pants and can get into some size 8 dresses and skirts.

    However, I'd say I'm a size 8 through my waist and abdomen, size 12/14 in my butt and thighs. Size 10 jackets/blouses are too big through the waist, but too tight in the shoulders.

    Oh, my beautiful and naturally thin sister who is 5'11.5" like you is comfortably size 8 at 160-165 lbs.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    i am just about 5'4 and even after losing about 30 pounds I still am wearing my size 12-14 clothes. Since all my weight is in my tummy and hips the difference in 185 and 158.6 for me just resulted in a bit looser pants. I am loosing inches everywhere else and my shirts fit alot better, just no pants change yet.
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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Man I don't know what brand of clothing you guys are buying, but I have never been a size 10 above 140lbs. I was always a size 12 at 140 and I'm 5'8".

    I would agree that 15 pounds is about another size jump. For me it's 20.

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    18 @ 200
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    Default Re: Clothing sizes and weight loss

    Well, I am currently 195 and I wear a size 14 comfortably and large and XL shirts depending on how they are made. iI was still in 16's at 205-210. So it seems my sizes have been changing every 10-15lbs. lost. I have two pairs of jeans in a size 12 that I bought for inspiration and I can barely pull them over my butt!LOL! But they are gonna fit! I started at 280.2 in a size 22/24. I carry my weight very well though (if that is possible!LOL!) Most people are shocked when they find out what I weigh. Enough about me, you are doing awesome on your weight loss and you will be at goal before you know it!!!!Janel
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