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Thread: What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

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    Default What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

    Really not sure.
    I am on my first day

    My meals look like this

    bacon and eggs water

    1hr walk

    two chicken breast

    sausages and steak

    30 mins resistence weight excercises

    Aiming for 3 litre water

    Does this look good, new to this but keen to lose around 30 kilos!

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    Default Re: What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

    you need vegetables too like broccoli

    remember most people in western communitys cannot be on a all meat diet cause are stores dont really sell animal organs or bone marrow so vegetables are a must

    and even if they did sell animal organs alot of the time they are not as healthy as wild animal organs due to antibiotics and unatural diets and such

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    Default Re: What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

    I am not familiar with the ketogic diet. Are you talking about the one developed to control epilepsy? I am guessing not.

    On Atkins you would eat 3 cups of very low glycemic vegetables the two first weeks on induction. The vegetables do not prevent ketosis and makes the diet better in nutrition and perhaps for most people easier to do.
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    Default Re: What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

    Atkins is a modified ketogenic diet. The menu you posted isn't Atkins, by the way.
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    Default Re: What is the difference between Atkins & Ketogenic Diets

    As ziggy, Liv and Megs said above you are missing vegetables if you are going to follow Atkins. Make a copy of this list (What foods can be eaten on Induction?)(What foods can be eaten on Induction?) and take it with you when you go to the store. If a food isn’t listed on the acceptable food list don’t eat it. Learn to read the label on all foods you buy - don’t just look at the “carb” number look at the ingredients list of everything and check the ingredients against your list. Just because it says "low carb" doesn't mean you can eat it. Also check for hidden sugars (learn the names used in place of the word “sugar”).

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