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Thread: Last 10 pounds, Keep getting kicked out of Ketosis over Things that never did before

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    Unhappy Last 10 pounds, Keep getting kicked out of Ketosis over Things that never did before

    Hello, all. So I've been on Atkins since Sept 1 2010. I've lost 70 pounds, and have reached that point where friends and family are like "Don't lose anymore, you'll be too thin!" But I have been thinner, and my goal weight has been 10 pounds less than what I have got to. I'm at a healthy weight, and 10 more pounds will still be within my healthy range.

    But something weird has happened..

    First off I should mention that I have been diagnosed with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. My PMS is much more intensified than most women. I'm not regular as it is- but it is like clockwork with the cravings. Every month there are a couple days where I crave popcorn like it's the end of the world. And these cravings are INTENSE! And then like clock work- BAM! Aunt Flo comes.

    I've managed to have a small at the movie theater 2 days in a row each month during my PDD time period and have continued to lose weight (most of the time I actually would lose double during that time, strangely.) And most importantly- I stayed in deep dark ketosis each and every single time I did that.

    Now I am at my final 10 pounds and I did it last week, and noticed after only having a small popcorn like usual- the next day I was COMPLETELY out of ketosis. Nothing else I ate that day was out of my ordinary. In fact, I think I had an Atkins morning bar and grilled chicken. So it makes no sense to me.

    It took me 4 days to get back into ketosis and yesterday my husband took me to the movies and I decided to get a small popcorn again to see what would happen. I'm at the point where I am comfortable with my weight, so I have time and there is no rush for these last 10 lbs. I just want to find out what is up with my body so I know how I'll handle maintenance.

    So sure enough- today I am kicked out of ketosis again. And I am in disbelief. A small popcorn NEVER kicked me out during this 8 month journey when my metabolism was in shambles. Why would it start now?

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    Default Re: Last 10 pounds, Keep getting kicked out of Ketosis over Things that never did bef

    Do you know what your CCLL is? Maybe that popcorn tipped you over it?

    Not sure how to get most of your net carbs from vegetables on induction? Read our latest "Eat your Vegetables" challenge thread to learn how we did it!

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    Default Re: Last 10 pounds, Keep getting kicked out of Ketosis over Things that never did bef

    Have you been on induction since Sept? If so, you should be moving up the rungs and learning how to maintain your loss because you can't stay at induction level foods forever. And now is the perfect time to do it since you only have 10 lbs to lose.
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    Default Re: Last 10 pounds, Keep getting kicked out of Ketosis over Things that never did bef

    If addictions do reappear-in the form of food obsessions and cravings-you're probably
    indulging too much in the foods that got you into trouble to begin with. The vicious cycle of
    hyperinsulinism and resultant low blood-sugar levels, combined with the possibility of specific
    food allergies or intolerances, can create an addictive situation. When you go back to bread, fruit
    or fermented foods, you may suddenly discover that you must have these foods, that no day or
    meal feels right without them. Observe yourself carefully. You are engaged in a real battle for
    self-control as your defenses crumble. You'll notice that the need that develops is genuinely
    physical. It isn't simply that you know pasta tastes good, and you'd like to have it. No, your body
    absolutely roars with anxiety and passion for that pasta. You are under its spell. When this
    happens, you'll know.

    Such addictions aren't shameful; they're physical, biochemical, metabolic-and that's precisely
    why you must avoid them. Most of you already know that for a significant portion of your life,
    excessive quantities of carbohydrates have been stronger than you. Don't trifle with them now.
    As soon as you suspect your carbohydrate cravings are returning, you are confronted with a
    true health emergency that demands immediate action. You must cure them by returning to the
    Induction phase for several days until you get your cravings under control.
    I'm not the one to get all preachy, I'm nowhere close to pre-maintenance. (Kudos, by the way, on your successful weight loss so far. It's truly an inspiration.)

    According to the Boss, it's time to cut back to induction for a few days to get the cravings back in check, and it sounds like popcorn is one of your trigger foods.

    Which kinda sucks, but that's why you do pre-maintenance, to find this stuff out. Right?

    I know when you're in pre-maintenance, your body is alternating between lipolysis and ketosis, and you don't have the appetite suppression you'd have from deep ketosis, but I remember reading in the book -- somewhere -- that, at this stage, you'd still be losing pounds and/or inches but you wouldn't be turning the ketone sticks colors anymore.

    I've been thumbing through the book, but I can't find where he mentioned it. I need to dogear that page.
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