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Thread: Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

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    Default Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

    Hi All! I have the Breyer's low carb ice cream bars, which are easy to find in most grocery stores, but I read online about lower net carb brands such as Carb Solutions and they have different flavors, would be curious to try but of course can't order ice cream online!

    Please don't respond telling me I shoudn't be eating low carb ice cream products. My question is where to find them, not if you think I should be eating them ; )

    I tried to search this topic and had no luck


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    Default Re: Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

    Is this company still around?
    Some years ago there were many such products and companies around but most of them have folded (even the Atkins Nutritional company declared bankruptcy in 2005 and discontinued most of their products ) and the products are gone. If the company is around you may find a contact number or email and contact them directly.

    You can make your own low carb ice cream too if you like. I am debating whether to try one of these days.
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    Default Re: Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

    Without knowing where you live, and what grocery stores you have available to shop it, it's almost impossible for anyone to tell you where to find them ... or any product.

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    Default Re: Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

    No lecture here, just wanted to reassure you that once you have reached the 2nd OWL rung icecream made with milk products will be perfectly 'legal' for an OWLer

    As Liv said, you might find it easier to make your own. I even made it on induction using cream.

    Here is a recent thread from the Desserts forum
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    Default Re: Carb Solutions Ice Cream Brand---Where to buy???

    Just wanted to say that I don't get that brand, but I buy the Dreyers Slow Churned Rich and Creamy No Sugar Added ice cream and though I know I could make some myself (and I have, I have the machinery) this stuff is to die for. It does have sugar alcohols though so you have to take that into account. I don't really have trouble with sugar alcohols so I don't really count them and the mint choc chip and vanilla each have about 6gms NC per half cup roughly. My kids eat it too and didn't have a clue it was sugar free until I told them. They still love it. I am an ice cream snob so if I like it, it must be pretty good as I can't even stand frozen yogurt/fat free junk. Bleh. Ice cream used to be a trigger food for me so saying I can have two containers of it sitting in my freezer of the good stuff and they aren't gone in two days says a lot for how far I have come w/the Atkins WOE. I would imagine its probably easier to find the Dreyer's as its a common brand and you're right, Breyers makes the "carb smart" fudge pops you're talking about you might just look at see what Dreyer's has to offer, also being a common brand. Of course I am a bit further along on the rungs but for Rung 2, I would say go for it if you can handle the sugar alcohol content! Just limit your portion of it! At least its not Ben & Jerry's lol~! :O


    P.S. Elizellen, thanks for that link! I am going to try that ziplock recipe! Sounds yummy.
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