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Thread: PCOS, Atkins, & TTC Soon

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    Nov 23, 2011

    Default Re: PCOS, Atkins, & TTC Soon

    yay im so happy I found a site for PCOS and atkin'ers lol

    I'm starting Induction on BLACK FRIDAY lol i figure I'll get my exercise in early running around a store.
    My wife and I are also TTC. I was just diagnosed in MAY and Ive been sent to a PCOS specialist now because my levels were all perfect, my Gyno was confused as to why I have PCOS.

    You ladies are giving me hope that with PCOS conceiving isnt impossible

    Has anyone tried Soy isoflavones? its supposedly the natural clomid... I tried it last month and I ovulated, I dont know if it was coincidence tho

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    Default Re: PCOS, Atkins, & TTC Soon

    Am so glad i found this site, been diagnosed with PCOS 3 years, trying to conceive from 2 years with no luck.Got a new consultant recently and she put me on metformin and asked me to loose weight.Am on low carb diet now(not on atkins), and already lost nearly 3 pounds in a month and half.Just found out about atkins diet through a magazine and am so encouraged by ur post, am going start my atkins diet from tomorrow.Keep me updated and i will also do the same.Waiting to hold my baby desperatily.

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