My PCOS has turned my cycle completely whacky this month. Its been 7 weeks since my last period. Dr said its gonna come anyday now based on what she saw on the sonogram. I however am completely BLOATED AND FEELING LARGE, HEAVY AND GROSS. Atkins has done nothing for me during this time, as it usually doesnt when my hormones are all over the place.

Instead I just feel all puffy in the face arms and legs and just so uncomfortable. I can feel the water retention and know that as soon as my period comes ill get some relief but right now i feel BLEGH, want to comfort myself through food, and want those extra lbs i see on the scale GONE!

A PCOS forum I'm on, many girls have recommended I use diuretics to get some relief as they do when they're experiencing similar symptoms.

Was wondering if anyone here has any experience using diurex or anything along those lines to help get rid of the bloat and heavy feeling?