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Thread: what is your CCM

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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    I am in maintenence now and my carb range is from 80-100gms.
    I avoid processed foods though and stick to a very clean diet =] I love my fruit and veg.
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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    Thanks so much for all these varied replies.

    I, too, don't expect a perfect number - I know that exercise has a HUGE effect (affect?) - But it an interesting investigation.

    Also - I think that I am getting the picture of what Maintenance will be like. It isn't a free-for-all - I can eat what I want to - Give me bread and noodles, now.

    I can see that it is going to be more like OWL - watching carefully how food affects (effects?) me and making sure that I eat healthily. I'm just not going to be driven by the desire to lose - just by the desire to maintain. which may give a little more freedom to have some things that may not be extremely LC - but with constant vigilance.

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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    That is one of my sayings right there - the price of thinness is eternal vigilance LOL

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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    I've been trying to gain weight and have stagnated. No gain, no loss + or - the same 1lb. I eat 80-100 grams of carbs per day (no breads, rice, pasta or processed food) and have a carb up day every Saturday where I have gone as high as 250 grams of carbs and will include pizza, potatoes, a bowl of pasta but still nothing overly processed (no chemicals.. I make my own pizza). I try to stay around 2700 calories and at my activity level that keeps me stable.
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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    I popped back into see what developed on the thread and I am happy to see that my experiences isn't unique. I can easily eat 40-45 carbs and lose IF MY CARBS are veggie carbs (I am on the anti Candida track) but even if I eat far fewer total carbs comprised mostly of other stuff-nuts, cheese, etc. I can see myself gaining on 30-35 total carbs daily. The types of carbs DO make a difference for my body.
    I DID HAVE 100 pounds gone and WAS setting up residence in One-derland.
    I was No longer OBESE. Just Overweight. I want to be back there again and am on my way.

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    Default Re: what is your CCM

    Wow this is all really great info! I'm new to maintenance.... Well, new to the RIGHT way to do maintenance. When I "maintained" for a year before I got preggers it was mostly a hybrid of induction and a few phases mixed with cheats! Not the right way to stay at your goal weight (I was actually still 5 pounds away from goal, but decided after a few months I was happy where i was and never really did OWL or pre-main properly). So I would stick to the 20 carbs one day, then slip up the next day and have cake or something, drop back down to 20 for a couple days, and by the time weigh-in rolled around I had no gain or loss.

    So this time around, now that I have hit goal (and had my bagel "prize" for reaching goal, which didn't taste as good as I remember, and left me awful heartburn for half a day) I really want to work hard at maintaining the right way. It seems like the maintenance thread is a ghost town though, where is everyone?

    I've been eating around 30-35 carbs for a few days, having a serving of fruit once a week, greek yogurt once a week, and a serving of dreamfields pasta once a week. So far so good. I don't feel like I am missing anything and I have been really happy with my menu's. I'm actually having trouble adding the RIGHT stuff in to increase the carb levels.

    I'll be checking in to this thread a bit more as I figure out my CCL and CCM, thanks to everyone that has posted here with your comments. I can totally understand that a carb is NOT a carb is NOT a carb, I need to keep this in mind on the maintenance journey!!!
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