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Thread: In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

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    Default In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

    I have started atkins too many times to count. Once I really had some great success. But not I am determined to get on it and stick to it. I know that I really need support and would like to have a buddy to talk to and be accountable to. I started again on Monday, Dec. 19 and have lost 4lbs in 3 days. The first 2 days were bearable but that third day hit me like a ton of bricks. I wasn't hungry, I just wanted to eat something. Well it was in the evening time and instead of cheating, I decided that I would just go to sleep. Wow, that was a good choice. I made it through. However, I would like to have the support of others to help me stick to my decision to change, lose weight and better my life.

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    Default Re: In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

    Hi, and congrats on starting Atkins again. As you seem to have discovered, staying on plan seems to be harder than getting on plan. But, hey, if it was too easy, everybody would already be skinny, and not be helpful buddies like those that can be found here!

    There are lots of "buddies" to be found here on the board.... It can be difficult to find just one buddy who is always available when you need some support or encouragement--or a kick in the pants, for that matter--but when you come on here and post when you are finding yourself weak in the moment, you'll have lots of responders with wonderful ideas of what has worked for them, and even more choices because people handle those difficult times in so many different ways!

    In the days before the internet, it seems like support had to be given either in the context of a support group that met once a week (or less!)--and people made connections outside of groups just because of the fact that they knew the group couldn't always be available to them at the moment they might need it the most. Now, with a board like this, there is generally someone on much or most of the time, and lots of regulars who know just how important that support is, as well as newer posters who are fired up with excitement for this way of eating. Even though the response isn't instant, like it could be with private messaging or phone calls if you know the other person is available, you generally don't have to wait long to get a response.

    I know it may seem like you have been waiting all afternoon and evening for a response to your post; I will confide in you that the thought of being a "dedicated" buddy may be enough to scare someone off...oftentimes, I don't have time or energy to provide all of the support needed by people in my household, so the thought of adding in being responsible for another person in another state, and how well they stick to their goals, is very intimidating. I would agree, however, to be part of a team of people here that you can call on to help support and encourage you, to share info and ideas with you if I have them, and to learn new coping strategies and techniques at your side.

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    Default Re: In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

    Raising hand to be your Atkins Buddy!!!!!

    I too am new to this board..but yes an Atkins buddy is just what I need too.

    Hope that you are ready to achieve your goal. I too did Atkins before (2003 ) was a new woman..lost close to 40 plus pounds..gained a lot of attention from the opposite sex..and life was wonderful. Then the bottom dropped out of the lo-carb craze..suddenly PRODUCTS I depended on were no longer available.

    The thing I found out some 7-8 years later..I never learned the recipes in the DANDR ( Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution ) book (copyright 2000)..and when the other PRODUCTS were no longer available for me ..I failed slowly but surely.

    BUT NOW...I have had the pleasure and blessing to return to the lo-carb Atkins way of living/eating and I am just overjoyed at the possibilities and hope that this woe (way of eating) provides.
    So as a new/returnee I would be glad to be your Atkins buddy.

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    Default Re: In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

    count me in....

    i am on induction too
    purely a Carb junkie missing my bread a lot
    2nd day actually! i hope as they say after third day all will be fine.

    i have been doing all sorts of diet all my life but this one i like the most at least u can eat
    did a low carb diet once as my friend told me it was horrible no veggies no oil no dressings bla bla nothing only Protein nothing else crazy i know
    Atkins is nice so far at least i am enjoying steak without guilt and salads with nice dressings
    just hoping this induction phase teaches me be calm and relax when i see bread agian

    plan to change my self once and for all and stick with it no matter what
    i am fed up of all the stupid diets i did that never lasted more then a month and sticking to that life long was UN imaginable but Atkins is much more close to reality
    we can enjoy family dinners without guilt be on diet and still enjoy.

    i also need a buddy to keep me going cause dinner parties this weekend
    need to proof my self i can do it without being Center of Attraction as people tend to offer u more deserts when they know you r on DIET.............
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    Default Re: In need of an Atkins Buddy.....

    You can count me in on the buddy list...I was on Atkins a few years ago and did very well. I guess I got to comfortable and forgot how quickly weight can creep back on you. I can't say that I make excuses, I guess I get to lazy. This is my first day, well since its past midnight this is actually my second day. Only thing that I have problems with, is the water. I can't stand it...yuck... But I will suck it up and do what I have to do. If all goes well I plan my goal for the end of January is to lose at least 25 lbs. (fingers crossed).

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