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    Hi all,

    I went to Red Robin tonight hoping there some something akin's friendly on the menu and to my surprise you can have any of their hamburgers (cooked to order so you can drop the items you can't have like fried onions) and have it in between too big slices of lettuce. I substituted the fries for a side salad at no extra cost.

    Also, they have this rewards program that if you buy 9 burgers or entrees (they also had a really good looking chicken entree that was low carb) you get the 10th for free, which is a good deal if you go out with the family, it adds up nicely!

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    Thanks for sharing this.... always in the market for a low carb friendly place to go.
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    Sounds good, Travis. Thanks for sharing.

    Regarding the chicken though, it wouldn't be one of my choices unless I could check the list of ingredients (unfortunately I can't find one on their website). Fast food chicken is often either marinated in stuff that contains sugar, or "plumped" with a sugar solution.

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    Dh and I had the lettuce wrapped burgers and were not fans at all. I expected a lettuce leaf but what I got was a huge chunk of cold wet lettuce sandwiching the burger instead of wrapped around it. It made the burger cold and overall it was just very unpleasant. If I go there again I'll just have a burger without the 1/2 head of lettuce. Oh, and I got their salad as my side item and was very underwhelmed by it as well - plain and tasteless. I guess Red Robin just isn't the same for me when I can't have the fries and bun

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    Actually, Red Robin burgers have always been tasteless.


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