First of all, I'm 21 and in my third (of four) year at university, so I'm not looking to conceive any time soon. However, being a mother is probably the number one thing I want to do with my life and I've been rather obsessed with babies and children since I was a teenager

After less than six months on the low-carb way of life, my periods are nicely regular (every 29 days) and having checked for the last week with the strips whether or not I was ovulating (I was scared I wasn't with the PCOS), the strip indicates that I am hoping this means in a few years' time all will be working well on that front!

Unfortunately, I don't think the hirsutism is lessening (let's be optimistic and say 'yet'!). This may just be part of me to some extent, though; my dad's freakishly hairy () and I've had naturally dark brown to black eyebrows and blonde hair since puberty (eyebrows were lighter before then) (I always get 'which one do you dye? You must dye one!' comments..nurrgggh, no I don't!), which to me suggests that I've always been a hairy one just wish I could stop growing coarse, dark hairs around my bellybutton though

Ok, sorry for the wall of text and incoherent waffling, I'm just happy, and hoping that this will inspire someone who is just starting out and hopes to see less of their PCOS symptoms in the future!