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Thread: Confusing blood tests.

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    Default Confusing blood tests.

    Hi People,

    This is first post here. So let me give you a brief background.

    I am 35 and male. (based in Europe btw). I started low-carbing about 4 months ago as some sort of self-experimenting. (I lost about 22 pounds). I have been trying to educate myself and kill my ignorance about quite a few things but it seems not so easy. I just got my blood test results and I couldn't account for the big jump in my triglyceride. So below are my values from the last 3 years acquired from my companies year check up plan. But based on what I know, that doesn't look very nice. What do you guys think? I have been exercising as well, feeling pretty well actually. If I remember my diet before. I used to eat bunch of sweets and snacks, lots of carb and I had a small/growing belly. Now I look fit and sound but these values are confusing..Please share your thoughts on that with me..

    2010, weight 75 kg, Tcho:193, hdl: 66, ldl: 110, trig: 46
    2011, weight 75 kg, Tcho:193, hdl: 89, ldl: 99, trig: 33
    2012, weight 65 kg, Tcho:233, hdl: 69, ldl: 150, trig: 117

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    Default Re: Confusing blood tests.

    Those are suprising results. Almost the opposite of what one normally would see. Usually hdl goes up , ldl may go a bit up or down depending on where you were. but trigs really falls.

    I would retest in a couple of months. Tests are not always accurate

    Also go over the menu to see if there are any issues with it. You can post in our Review my menu forum if you like.

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    Default Re: Confusing blood tests.

    It can take from 3 to 6 months for your cholesterol and triglyceride levels to normalize.

    Here is my understanding of the technical explanation. When we start Atkins we are in fact eating a lot more dietary cholesterol. At the same time, our body's insulin response is wayyy out of whack. This is what regulates our body's production of cholesterol. So for the first few months, Our bloodwork may be screwy and cholesterol and triglycerides can spike. Once the body adapts and the insulin response improves (this happens much faster if you stay clear of sweet tastes because even some sweeteners mess with your insulin levels) your body will drastically reduce its cholesterol production. Usually triglycerides drop significantly. It also does not hurt to make smart, healthy fat choices. EVOO over bacon grease. Nice lean healthy fish and chicken--you don't have to have a juicy fatty steal every night. Far less processed cheeses and meats. Less processed is always better.
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    Default Re: Confusing blood tests.

    Usually the reverse happens on Atkins but it does take time. I know my numbers really didn't change lot until about a year.

    What you are eating can still matter so please have your menu reviewed here to make sure. It's not the fat content, but could be the processed foods, not enough veggies, not enough Omega 3/6s, not enough healthy fats, etc.

    I also highly recommend going to this blog and reading all the entries there as you have time, it's REALLY worth the time and you don't have to sign up either to read the blog entries:

    The Heart Scan Blog | Measure, track, and reduce coronary atherosclerotic plaque

    It really goes into the "under the covers" of how what you eat really affects your health, how modern day cholesterol screenings are not the best measurement of long term health effects, and why Low Carb High Fat done correctly really improves your health with different and more accurate measurement methods that back this up (small LDL particle testing for one)

    Also I recommend moving onto OWL if you haven't already. You'll be able to add in nuts (good for HDL) and other foods that will help provide additional nutrition that the body needs and would prefer. Plus if you don't have alot more weight to lose, it's time you learn how to do OWL and get ready for pre-maintenance.
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    Default Re: Confusing blood tests.

    I do believe that in DANDR, Dr. Atkins advised not having bloodwork until you've been low carbing for at least 6 months for the very reasons explained by Chinadoll. Continue your plan and check again in 2-3 months. It's just too early to see the positive changes in your bloodwork. Good luck!
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