Hi People,

This is first post here. So let me give you a brief background.

I am 35 and male. (based in Europe btw). I started low-carbing about 4 months ago as some sort of self-experimenting. (I lost about 22 pounds). I have been trying to educate myself and kill my ignorance about quite a few things but it seems not so easy. I just got my blood test results and I couldn't account for the big jump in my triglyceride. So below are my values from the last 3 years acquired from my companies year check up plan. But based on what I know, that doesn't look very nice. What do you guys think? I have been exercising as well, feeling pretty well actually. If I remember my diet before. I used to eat bunch of sweets and snacks, lots of carb and I had a small/growing belly. Now I look fit and sound but these values are confusing..Please share your thoughts on that with me..

2010, weight 75 kg, Tcho:193, hdl: 66, ldl: 110, trig: 46
2011, weight 75 kg, Tcho:193, hdl: 89, ldl: 99, trig: 33
2012, weight 65 kg, Tcho:233, hdl: 69, ldl: 150, trig: 117